13-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Threatening Text Message


March 23, 2009 07:40 am — SEAFORD, Del.- Delaware State Police say they have arrested a 13-year-old Seaford girl on Sunday after she created a threatening text message and began sending it to people on Saturday in Seaford.

According to investigators, the message created by the girl stated,”On Monday the 23rd, Seaford High School and Middle School will receive a bomb! No lie!”

Police say the investigation began after two area juveniles received the forwarded text message Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. The juveniles told their parents who notified authorities.

Police say they began the investigation and were able to successfully trace the message back to the 13-year-old girl. Authorities say the girl and her parents were contacted and questioned in regards to the incident.

Detectives say they learned the girl had heard of the bomb scares on Friday in the Laurel School District, which resulted in the schools closing. Investigators say she hoped to imitate the same incident in hopes that she would not have to go to school on Monday. Police say the girl attends the Seaford School District.

Additionally, detectives say they have confirmed she created the message Saturday at 10:30 p.m. and sent it to friends and relatives. According to police, authorities seized the cellular device and discovered the message was erased from the phones history.

As a result of the investigation, the teen was arrested for two counts of misdemeanor terroristic threatening. She was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court #3 and committed to the Stevenson House in Milford on $5,000 cash bond.

Police say investigators have discovered no evidence that a bomb was going to be placed in any of the schools.