Five Points Transportation Study Updates

The seventh meeting of the Five Points Transportation Study Working Group was held virtually on Monday, January 25; 27 members of the public also attended this online meeting.
• Working Group #7 Meeting Recap
The meeting included a review and status update of the Five Points Transportation Study Implementation Plan. As of the January Working Group meeting, 47 of 78 recommendations are in progress, ongoing, or have been completed.
Sarah Coakley, a Principal Planner in DelDOT’s Planning Division, provided a detailed overview of the recently-approved Henlopen Transportation Improvement District (TID). Sarah reviewed the TID development and how DelDOT and Sussex County worked together to create the TID. She reviewed the recommended transportation improvements including new connector roadways, roadway widenings, traffic signals, roundabouts, turn lanes as well as various other recommended transportation and safety improvements. The presentation included an overview of the infrastructure fee program and noted that developer contributions are estimated to be approximately 23.5% of the cost of the improvements. Sarah also highlighted the monitoring program established by DelDOT and the County to monitor the conditions within the TID area as well as progress on proposed recommendations at key intervals.
Other Working Group discussion items included statements from Working Group members on what, in relation to the Five Points Transportation Study, they are most looking forward to in 2021. As part of the discussion of recommendations D-6 and D-10 of the Implementation Plan, Working Group members also provided input on potential locations for pedestrian bridges along SR1.
• Next Working Group Meeting Information
The next meeting of the Five Points Transportation Study Working Group will be held on Monday, April 26, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.
The meeting location will remain virtual.
• Sussex County Transportation Funding
Anyone who attended this meeting (the January 25 Five Points Transportation Study Working Group meeting) may have heard that recommendation C-5 (Improve the intersection of Cave Neck Road, Sweet Briar Road and Hudson Road) is the first project within Sussex County to be funded via the newly-approved FAST Track program, or Funding Accelerating Safety in Transportation. At its December 15, 2020 meeting, the Sussex County Council approved the creation of the FAST Track program that will apply up to $5 million in set-aside County funding to accelerate projects that are on the DelDOT’s Capital Transportation Program (CTP) plan. These funds would be used for design work, right-of-way acquisition, and construction costs. DelDOT will oversee all of the projects and after each project is complete, DelDOT would reimburse Sussex County the full amount of funds provided. Sussex County officials are hopeful that by contributing local dollars, County projects that are planned for but awaiting State and federal funding would move up on DelDOT’s priority list more quickly, in some cases, cutting as much as five years off a project’s anticipated completion schedule.
The Cave Neck Road/Sweet Briar Road/Hudson Road intersection is the first project selected for the program. Preliminary engineering was scheduled to begin in 2025; however, under the FAST Track program, design will begin in early 2021.
• Active DelDOT Projects In and Around Five Points
• Recent Improvements and 2021 Upcoming Activities in the Study Area
The Five Points Transportation Study may have “study” in its name, but it’s about more than just analyses and reports. Our team – the study team, the many departments within DelDOT and Sussex County – is just that; a Team. Only through combined efforts can we continue implementing Five Points Transportation Study recommendations and advancing projects already in progress to make a real difference in your daily travels, especially when it results in actual changes on the ground.
Here is a summary of improvements that have been made in the study area:
  • Installation of curve warning signs on Minos Conaway Road
  • Installation of short-term safety improvements at the intersection of Route 1 and Cave Neck Road
  • Installation of static and variable message signs on southbound Route 1 between Dover and Milford, showing distances and times to beach destinations
  • Installation of striping and overhead signs on westbound Route 9 between Route 1 and the Plantation Road connector
  • Installation of a new traffic signal at Kings Highway and Clay Road
  • Placement of new speed reduction pavement markings on southbound Route 1 approaching the Nassau Bridge
  • Channelization and lengthening of the acceleration lane from Minos Conaway Road onto Route 1
  • Extension of the Georgetown to Lewes Trail and improvement of roadway crossings
Even bigger activities are underway or coming soon! Construction continues on Route 24 between Route 1 and Mulberry Knoll Road. Construction is also scheduled to begin in 2021 on:
  • New long-term crossover improvements at Route 1 and Cave Neck Road (shown below)
  • New sidewalks on Savannah Road
  • New shared-use path on Munchy Branch Road
Additionally, three important capital projects are in final design and on track to begin construction in 2022 including Old Orchard Road, Plantation Road, and Route 24.
Click on the maps and/or project links provided above for more information on these and other projects in the Five Points study area.