La Guagua 47


On September 15th, the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, the short film La Guagua 47 premiered at the Kimmel Cultural Campus.

‘La Guagua 47’ Short Film Screening was a celebration of Philadelphia’s Latinx experience. Activities included a dance party featuring the 12-piece Ritmo Lab Band and La Guagua 47’s vocalist Leo Gruber.

‘La Guagua 47’ is a one-of-a-kind community cultural production that has engaged over 250 Philadelphia artists, volunteers, and community members in its development and creation. The film tells a universal story of migration, belonging, and finding home in one another: a young Latinx migrant arrives in Philadelphia feeling very alone. One day she discovers the iconic SEPTA 47 bus and embarks on a journey that changes her life.

The film introduces the significance of SEPTA’s 47 bus to the thriving and inspiring culture of Philadelphia’s Latinx community. It reimagines the 47 bus as a central character in helping communities find joy and belonging and demonstrates how public transportation supports society, prosperity, and multiculturalism.

The project’s artists include filmmaker Pedro Escárcega, choreographer Christina Castro-Tauser, songwriter and producer Alba Martínez, dancer and protagonist Ashley Rivera, muralist César Viveros, and lead media/creative partners and associate producers Alaitz Ruiz and Martin Alfaro.