35th anniversary of Robin Hood Thrift Shop


Last July 13th was the 35th anniversary of the little shop located at the corner of Cedar and Kimney Street in Georgetown.

This shop wasn’t located all these past years at the same place but the most important thing is the soal of this project in which are working many volunteers.

We could share delicious cookies and a funny conversation the day of the anniversary with 3 ladies who lead this project. They are brilliant, funny and they have young soals: Ramona Anderson, Carolyn Bell and Gladys Graves.

“This is a non profit organization” said Ramona. “The shop is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 12-3 pm but Fridays we open in the evening too (6-8 pm). All of us are volunteers except one lady who is a part time worker”.

They are proud of her volunteerism and they have enough reasons for that.

Ramona, Carolyn, Gladys, and people who colaborate with “Robin Hood” thank you for your hospitality and your hard work with Robin Hood Thrift Shop, a second hand shoppe which helps to many people to have a better quality of life.