About the snow storm


There is little change in forecast or conditions at this point. Safety remains the priority and staying off of snowy, icy roads is the best way to stay safe.

* The Limited State of Emergency with Level 1 Driving Warning for Sussex and Kent counties remains in effect overnight. State officials will assess conditions early Monday, Dec. 27, to determine when it is safe to lift the declaration.
* Decisions on state, county or municipal office hours will not be made until road and weather conditions are observed and evaluated tomorrow morning.
* Snow continues to fall throughout the state, but accumulations are not as much as originally expected in Kent and New Castle counties. NWS cautions that there could be a wrap around effect bringing more snow across and down New Castle later tonight.
* Even though there are no driving restrictions presently in New Castle County, conditions are deteriorating upstate and travel is not recommended in New Castle.
* Most main roads in Sussex are plowed but down to one lane
* The Town of Georgetown has declared a State of Emergency
* In Kent County, most roads are snow covered and there are reports of icy conditions developing. High winds are contributing to hazardous driving and there are near whiteout conditions in some areas.
* Personal injury accidents are few and fortunately, at this time, all are minor.
* Public is advised to monitor local conditions and watch for cancellations and closings before driving Monday.
* Few power outages are reported at this time.