ACH Food Companies, Inc. introduces The Fleischmann’s® Yeast Free 48-Page bread breakthrough recipe book, featuring the revolutionary no knead bread making technique that makes baking homemade bread foolproof


ACH Food Companies, Inc. announces the release of a new Fleischmann’s® Yeast 4 color, 48-page recipe book titled Bread Breakthrough that it is making available free (plus $1 for shipping and handling) to consumers while supplies last. To receive the free recipe book, consumers can download an order form on

The Bread Breakthrough was created by Nancy Baggett, a nationally known author, who has created a number of very popular recipe books. Nancy’s latest recipe book, Kneadlessly Simple, is devoted to the extraordinary No Knead bread making technique that allows anyone to become an accomplished bread baker, because the technique is extremely simple and foolproof.

With this No Knead technique, the bread dough actually kneads itself, eliminating the most cumbersome and difficult step in bread making. This No Knead technique is also far more tolerant, allowing consumers to make bread on their schedule, not like traditional yeast bread baking, where a baker is captive to the schedule of when the dough rises.

The Fleischmann’s® Yeast Bread Breakthrough recipe book contains a number of the most popular of Nancy Baggett’s Kneadlessly Simple recipes along with color photos of each recipe. The book offers a wide assortment of simple No Knead recipes for breads, rolls, pizza crusts, and coffee cake.

When asked why ACH created the Bread Breakthrough recipe book and is now offering it free to consumers, Keith Dierberg, Fleischmann’s® Yeast Marketing, commented, “For many years, people have been telling us that they would love to make homemade bread but felt they lacked the expertise and found the whole idea of scratch bread baking intimidating. Particularly today, with the popularity of home baking and cooking increasing, and the desire to have fresh, healthy, wholesome foods, the number of people who want to be able to bake homemade bread has grown substantially. Since Fleischmann’s® Yeast is the leading consumer yeast and the brand is looked to as the baking authority, we wanted to provide everyone who wanted to enjoy the aroma and delicious taste of fresh baked bread an easy way to make it. That’s why we’re so excited about the Bread Breakthrough recipe book and No Knead recipe technique. Hundreds of thousands of consumers are already using the technique to make homemade bread and 17.5% of those are people that never made homemade bread previously. Our research shows that 98% of the people that have made Bread Breakthrough recipes will continue to make them, and of those using the technique, over 80% are increasing their total bread baking significantly. These recipes and new technique appeal to both current bread makers and importantly, overcome the barriers people claim as to why they have never made bread before, making bread baking something that everyone can do with total confidence of success. We’re proud that ACH can make this exciting technique and free recipe book available to the current and future bread makers of America. Everyone is encouraged to send for their free Fleischmann’s® Yeast recipe book so they can experience how special homemade bread is and now how easy it is to make.”

To view Nancy Baggett’s demonstration video of this proven No Knead recipe technique, receive a free bonus recipe, and get complete details of the recipe book offer, simply log on to