Alma Roach kicked off her campaign for Sussex County Recorder of Deeds


Alma Roach kicked off her campaign as Democratic Candidate for the Office of Sussex County Recorder of Deeds with an announcement ceremony on Tuesday, March 16 at 10 a.m. on the steps of the historic Georgetown Court House on South Bedford Street.

The act was followed by a reception at Fuqua, Yori & Willard on The Circle.

She has been a professional real estate title searcher with a prominent Georgetown law firm for more than 25 years and has worked among Sussex County land records on a daily basis.

Hoy en Delaware asked her what she can offer to the community, she said “I have been working more than 20 years among land records, I have the knowledgement.” “Computers can make everything but not give that special human touch people need”, “I do it each day.” Alma, who is Georgetown Resident since 1984 and Sussex County Resident since 1973, added “I can explain to the people the meaning of each record and answer their doubts.”

One of her supporters commented to us that she offers help to people each day. “She is more interested in helping people professionally.”

Her goals are:

Accountability: “I want to be there for you, in the office, available to answer your questions, or to assist the staff with efficient delivery of public service, all in a friendly, knowledgeable manner. Public Service is Job #1.”

Maintenance: “The public records, documents like deeds to your property or the official release of your mortgage, “live” in the Recorder of Deeds office. It’s important to you -and it’s important to me- that these documents reside in a properly preserved, accessible, and managed environment.”

Outreach: “As Recorder of Deeds, I’ll start a new public information program to familiarize you with “Hoy to Retrieve Land Record Documents and information” and “How to Read Your Important Property Documents” to make the Recorder of Deeds office easier to understand and utilize.”

Alma is married to John B.Roach, Jr, for 28 years and she has 3 children Jack (and wife Dawn), Jessica and Samantha.

She is very proud of Max, her dog. “The best dog in the whole world.”

NOTE:The Recorder of Deeds Office serves the residents of Sussex County by correctly recording and indexing documents, and collecting and accounting for the appropriate fees and taxes.