Annual Guadalupe Torch Pilgrimage


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We are pleased to announce that the annual Guadalupe Torch pilgrimage will come to St. Paul Church, WIlmington on Friday, December 4. It is expected to arrive with a welcoming ceremony at 5:00 PM and mass at 7:00 PM. This pilgrimage already started in October at the Basillica of Guadalupe in Mexico City and will conclude at St. Patrick Cathedral, New York, on December 12.

All are welcome to participate in several ways: greeting, praying, singing, running from Baltimore on 12/4 or to Pennsylvania on 12/5, cooking, offering 2 or 3 pilgrim guests hospitality, or assisting with transportation of runners. Please contact Guilermo Medina for further information at 302-326-4149 or 302-607-3341.