ARTADDICTION: A Community Sensitive Art Contest

On June 23, 2011, the Latin American Community Center, through its Prevention Promoters program, held its third annual "ARTADDICTION" Competition.


In keeping with tradition, the show was once again held at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts and was attended by 10 exhibitors and 16 pieces of art.

This year, submissions emphasized on quality and technical expertise, and demonstrated noteworthy depth and talent. Contestants were given free rein to imagine and shape their works with outstanding creativity to illustrate the competition’s theme: addiction.

The following individuals participated in this year’s competition: Eduardo Carrera, Alicia Dominguez, Pedro Escarcega, Andres Flores, Roberto Marquez, Luisa Ortiz, Juan Otalvaro, Johanna Reinert, and Irma Rodriguez Marilyn Seabury.

ARTADDICTION was created as a means of expression through art to promote the message of prevention and raise awareness of substance abuse and addiction. “The purpose of this competition is to use art as a universal language to promote education and prevention of substance abuse,” said Ana C. Velasquez, Community Awareness Coordinator at the Latin American Community Center.

The competition awarded first, second and third place prizes ($300, $200, $100), as well as two honorable mentions in the categories of visual impact and content.

Juan Otalvaro won First Place with his work “Addiction & New Start”, Johanna Reinert won Second Place with “At the Edge of Failure,” while Eduardo Carrera claimed the Third Place prize for his work “Mental Battle”. Pedro Escarcega earned an Honorable Mention in the category of Visual Impact with “Reading as an Option”, while Andres Flores won an Honorable Mention in the Content category with his work “Untitled.”

The ARTADDICTION Exhibit remained open to the public at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts until July 1st. For those who are interested, start preparing your artwork for ARTADDICTION 2012!