Blah, Blah, Blah; Denn issues another education report showing millions in education administrative overhead costs, Valenzuela says it’s “time for less talk, more action”

In response to yet another tax payer funded study on education spending in Delaware issued by Lt. Governor Matt Denn's office yesterday, Sher Valenzuela made the following statement


“Up and down the state, I’m hearing from people who are tired of the political speak and excuses we continually get from the professional politicians. Whether it’s on jobs, schools or the other pressing issues, people are saying it’s time for less talk and more action. I agree.”

Matt Denn said yesterday that the “ultimate goal” of his report was to “encourage” schools to direct more of their money “into the classroom and less into administrative overhead.”

Denn’s had 8 years in statewide elected office. We’ve spent enormous amounts of money and tax-payer funded resources issuing an endless stream of reports, from Vision 2015 to Denn’s own annual reports. They all tell us the same thing – administrative overhead in our schools is too high!

Delaware is among the top ten states in the nation for overall education spending, but we fall below the regional average in the amount of money actually reaching our classrooms.

Why not stop talking about it and start doing something about it?

We need a hard cap on administrative spending in Delaware. It shouldn’t just be a “goal” or an “encouragement.” It should be written into law.

We should ensure that at least two thirds of all education spending, or a percentage equal to the regional average, which ever is higher, reaches the classroom each year in direct instructional spending.

When you are talking about multimillion dollar school budgets, even small percentage increases can make a world of difference. According to Denn’s own report, we spend well over $20 million dollars a year on overhead costs that could be cut if all Delaware districts simply meet the same classroom spending percentages as the state’s top districts.

Many administrative employees in our school districts make more money than the Governor, and he makes $171,000 dollars a year!

As Lt. Governor, more jobs and better schools will be my top priority for Delaware.

The bottom line is this – our kids’ futures are at stake. We don’t have any more time to waste with feel-good “goals” and “encouragements.”

Instead of splitting his time with his corporate bankruptcy legal practice over the last four years, Matt Denn should have been devoting his full time and attention to fixing these problems.

We need strong leadership, and I intend to provide it.

I will be a tireless advocate for economic growth and stronger schools. I’ll use my office to advance these issues every day, including passage of a real legal requirement that more of our education dollars reach the classrooms to benefit our kids and teachers and not get eaten up by bureaucratic overhead.