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Posted on 08/08/2008 09:52 AM EST
Gubernatorial hopeful, Jack Markell

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Hector Correa
DelCor Home Interiors

Dear Editor,

Gubernatorial hopeful, Jack Markell recently stopped by my design center to talk to me about his plans to improve Delaware's economy.

As a small business owner, I was surprised that our state's government was interested enough to travel to Middletown to speak to a small business.

He came over without a huge entourage, there was no one in the store, and we had a great hour-long conversation on what today's economic landscape looks like and what he believes he can do to improve it, should he become governor.

I believe that Jack's plans to create jobs will point Delaware's economy in the direction that it needs to go. We need a leader that is ready and willing to make bold, responsible and well informed changes. As a small business owner, a

small sustained drop in business can have a significant effect on my bottom line. As an interior designer, my services are not always on the top of everyone's "must-have" lists, and when money get's tight that old sofa; though a little outdated, can wait to be replaced. I feel that

Jack's plan to create new jobs in Delaware is going to bring back the confidence that we all once enjoyed; when people weren't afraid to spend money on the things that needed and as well as the things that they wanted.

Jack Markell not only explained his plan to me but listened to my concerns and suggestions. As a small business owner, Latino and Delaware citizen I was impressed with his genuineness. I am a registered Republican, however, I will be encouraging my democratic friends and family to vote for Jack Markell in the primary and I surely will be voting for him in the general election.

Hector Correa
DelCor Home Interiors

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