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Posted on 09/18/2008 12:14 AM EST
Jack Markell runnig for Delaware Governor

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Emi Erickson
Dear editor:

I see Jack Markell in a serious race for Delaware governor. I see Bill Lee in a slow walk.

Jack Markell declared his run for governor in June 2007, that is, 15 months ago. His campaign ever since has been unbelievably energetic and even exuberant. He published a book detailing his agenda. He visited all 57 Delaware municipalities. He utilized all available media to get his message out. He debated his primary opponent every chance he was given. He raised record-breaking campaign funds.
Bill Lee first said he did not want to run for governor, then was drafted by his party while he was vacationing at Disney World in May, that is, four months ago. He refused to debate the other gubernatorial candidates until after the Democratic primary would reveal his general election opponent. He has raised relatively little campaign money.

Do we need a retired judge halfheartedly dealing with the major problems facing us as a state – or do we need Jack Markell, who has already demonstrated his pro-active and vigorous willingness to serve in our state’s highest office?

Emi Erickson

Milton, DE 19968

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