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Posted on 09/22/2008 09:26 AM EST
Markell's Common Sense Approach to Guns away from criminals

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Dave Carter
Dear Editor,

I would like to commend Jack Markell on his common sense proposal to reduce the senseless gun violence in Delaware.

As an avid sportsman, I eagerly await the hunting season to go afield with my gun and Labrador retriever. This is an annual tradition I have enjoyed since completing my hunters safety course in 1975. As a responsible gun owner, I believe that it is vital to take actions that reduce gun violence and make it more difficult for violent criminals to get guns. These actions protect the lives of the innocent victims of gun violence. Just as important, they protect the much deserved positive image of responsible gun owners and our long standing hunting tradition in Delaware.

The need for action hit me personally on the morning of March 25th. I arrived for a meeting in South Wilmington, where I have worked for several years with community members planning for neighborhood revitalization. I learned from a distraught Hope Commission outreach worker about the senseless shooting death of a young man who had turned his life around. I watched first hand the pain and stress this had on the community. There is nothing more compelling than seeing human blood spilled on a community sidewalk to make you understand the urgent need for action to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

The common sense approaches proposed by Jack Markell will help reduce gun violence while also protecting the positive image of responsible gun owners and sportsman.

I urge all those affected by gun violence and all Delaware sportsman to join together and support Jack Markell for Governor.


Dave Carter

Townsend, DE

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