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Posted on 09/22/2008 09:36 AM EST
Aging Baby Boomers...

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Nancy McDonald
To the Editor:

Aging baby boomers, after a lifetime of hard work, are thinking about retirement. Many, like me, have a three-pronged financial strategy: my 401K investments, the equity in my home and my contributions to social security. Even though there are problems with social security, it has not declined like our 401K investments and the equity in our homes over the last two years. I am personally grateful the Bush administration was unable to privatize social security. I can only imagine the additional pain on Main Street today, if social security had been privatized and invested in Wall Street.

Being a maverick, John McCain is not completely in favor of the Bush plan to privatize social security – he only wants to privatize some of it. Since financial analysts say to diversify, if I already have my 401K in the stock market, why would I want any of my social security privatized in the stock market? Bucking the system, and then dismantling it, is clearly not the answer to every governmental problem. It is easy to blame corrupt politicians and greedy CEOs, but corruption and greed are not the reasons for every failed policy. Sometimes the policies are just plain wrong.

Nancy McDonald

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