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Posted on 09/23/2008 08:03 AM EST
The word "change"...

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Melissa Scott
The word "change" has been tossed around a lot during this election year. Along with Barack Obama, Jack Markell is running on the platform promising new ideas and different ways of doing business, which is exactly what Delaware needs. Obama will make a great president, but we need a strong leader like Jack Markell on the state level.

Delaware is a great state, but I know it can't stay that way without new direction. Jack has the leadership to create new, high-paying jobs, universal healthcare and excellent schools, but more importantly, I believe he has the ability to bring people together to accomplish these goals.

Jack Markell has run a great campaign focused on the issues facing our state. He is a class act and and on November 4th, he will have my vote.

Melissa Scott

Newark, DE 19702

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