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Posted on 09/26/2008 09:58 AM EST
Jack Markell

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Annette Aerenson
Dear Editor,

A great education is the corner stone to a strong economy, which is why Delaware needs to do better.

In order to create the new high-paying jobs of the modern global economy here at home, we need to think seriously about how we educate our children. This is a hot topic this election year, and the most genuine answers I've heard about education have come from Jack Markell. When elected governor, he is eager to get rid of the Delaware Student Testing Program to ensure our students and teachers aren't constricted by a rigid testing formula.

Jack also has plans to bolster every area of education from increasing vocational programs and workforce development to early childhood education. His most recent plan targeted at reducing school violence focuses on creating safer and healthier school environments through student peer mentorship and taking away driving privileges for students engaged in acts of violence, among other ideas.

Jack Markell understands that a solid education will not only create more opportunities for Delaware children, but that it will also create a competitive economy strong enough to adapt to changing job markets.

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