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Posted on 09/28/2008 07:40 AM EST
Jack Markell has the plans and the energy to take Delaware in a new direction

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Lee I. Dogoloff
Dear Editor,

All across our nation, Americans are feeling squeezed by higher energy prices, food prices and a generally higher cost of living. The presidential candidates on both side of the fence are hitting these issues hard in speeches and on talk shows everyday, however, these promises of real change seem very far away.

That is why we need to look seriously at the governor's race here in Delaware. Jack Markell has thought seriously about these issues, and even took the time and energy to publish a book about his plans. Delawareans have never had so much information about a candidate's plans for the state before they spend even one day in office. Not only are his plans detailed in writing, but more importantly Markell is eager to be held accountable for making change real--something rarely heard of among politicians. Jack has the plans and the energy to take Delaware in a new direction.

Delawareans have been given an incredible amount of information about Jack's vision for the state, and as voters, it is our duty to consider his detailed plans and make the right choice in November.

Lee I. Dogoloff

Dagsboro, DE

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