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Posted on 08/18/2008 10:58 AM EST
Delaware Democratic Party's

Jack Markell and John Carney

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Diana Reardon
Dear Editor:

When Jack Markell and John Carney released their campaign funding figures, Delawareans learned that Markell had taken in $1.1 million this year while Carney had raised only $420,000 – and that despite the Delaware Democratic Party's unfair funding of Carney. How will the Carney camp spin his pathetic fundraising, I wondered.

Their posturing? That much of Markell's funds came from outside Delaware. Of course they failed to say Markell raised more from Delaware donors ($480,000) than Carney had raised from all sources.

But is it really a bad thing that non-Delawareans recognize Markell as having such potential for interstate and national interests that they tangibly back him with donations? I would want a governor whom other states' governors and citizens respect and believe in, rather than a governor who can only garner the interest of some Delawareans.

And frankly, if funding is any indication, it is obvious that Jack Markell has captured the imagination of grassroots Delawareans, as opposed to John Carney, who must be propped up by Gov. Minner, the Delaware Democratic Party, some unions and the politics-as-usual crowd at Legislative Hall.


Diana Reardon

Milton, Delaware

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