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Posted on 10/03/2008 08:45 AM EST
Jack Markell

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Linda Allen
I had the privilege of meeting Jack Markell in July during his 57 Towns in 57 Hours tour. I explained my concerns to him about being unable to afford healthcare insurance. He acknowledged them and then proceeded to explain his plans for Universal Healthcare for all Delawareans which would include subsidies to help low income families afford coverage. This gave me hope.

I went on to tell him of my love for nature and how I enjoy living in a rural area. I don’t want to see wildlife and natural habitats like that found in the Nanticoke River Watershed adversely affected by overdevelopment. He assured me that he too cares about environmental issues and believes in sensible development. He always looked me straight in the eye and never hesitated when speaking.

Whenever I saw him again he recognized and greeted me as a friend. I became a volunteer for his campaign.

I have come to regard him as an honest, compassionate, intelligent man who truly cares about helping Delaware and its citizens. For all the reason quoted here I will proudly cast my vote for Jack Markell for Governor on November 4th.

Linda Allen

Seaford, DE

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