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Posted on 10/04/2008 5:20 PM EST
Jack Markell

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Jeanine Kleimo
Dear Editor,

Tough economic times call for a governor who understands how the economy works. Jack Markell understands how the state generates its revenues, how they are spent, and how they can be utilized more effectively to bring about a better life for all of us in Delaware.

Jack has a wonderful combination of academic preparation, experience in the business world, and effective government leadership as state treasurer to make it possible for our state to prosper. He will apply the tools of cost/benefit analysis to state funding decisions, enabling state government to function as the provider of the needed infrastructure and education that are the underpinnings of economic success. His experience inside state government has revealed to him its weaknesses as well as the opportunities it can provide to strengthen our stateÂ’s economy.

Most of us recognize that we need to create the conditions for our businesses and our workers to succeed. Jack has already devoted considerable energy to helping our citizens understand how their money works and how to provide for their financial future. LetÂ’s elect Jack so that these lessons can be incorporated into how our state operates. He knows that private businesses are the engine of growth; further, he recognizes the role that the government can play in fostering the stability that makes such growth possible.

As an economist, I have long appreciated JackÂ’s grasp of economic issues. I believe wholeheartedly that his election as governor will be one of the best things our state can do to promote our long-term prosperity. I encourage you to join me in voting for Jack Markell on November 4.

Jeanine Kleimo

Camden DE

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