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Posted on 10/17/2008 09:12 AM EST
Jack Markell

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Bill Shea
I've heard Bill Lee complain several times about Jack Markell's expensive policy ideas while touting his own plan to halt all spending and cut any program seeking additional funds. I agree that our budget is facing incredible challenges, but I commend Jack Markell for creating dual plans to cut wasteful spending and increase our focus in areas that will benefit all Delawareans and yield high returns for each dollar spent. We cannot skimp on education and training a workforce prepared to succeed in 21st century jobs and we cannot ignore the investments that need to be made as we prepare for energy independence.

Jack has a great forward thinking vision for our state and is able to see our current economic problems as an opportunity to focus on the important issues that will turn our state around. I have confidence in Jack's leadership because he understands the importance of investing in our state's future while running his administration with fiscal responsibility.

Thank you.

Bill Shea

Greenville, DE

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