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Posted on 10/22/2008 07:42 AM EST
Letter to Editor

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Bob Slavin
The ability to create a "vision" for a better economy in our state is a talent rarely seen in Delaware politics, yet one that Jack Markell has superbly mastered. Jack has delineated a detailed road map for sustainable economic growth in Delaware, with strong emphasis on venture capital formation, job creation, entrepreneurial culture development, and general corporate expansion.

In today's uncertain financial times, the only managerial talent MORE important than sophisticated conceptual reasoning is the experiential ability to adapt a strong plan to a changing environment, thereby insuring proper implementation and successful outcomes. Significant left-brain, right-brain thinking, all in one head--the hallmark of an exceptional CEO! That's the profile we need for Delaware's chief executive. That's the bundle of talents we will enjoy under Governor Jack Markell.

Bob Slavin

Lewes, De

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