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Posted on 08/21/2008 1:08 PM EST
Jack Markell

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Ann Couzens
Dear Editor:

I am a school psychologist in the Capital School District, and I support Jack Markell for Governor because of his vision and determination to help the state succeed in this time of social and economic stress. I think our public school system in Delaware is strong, but like Jack says, “We can do better.” Above all else, Jack has an excellent business background, and I believe that a school should be run like a business, with financial accountability, staff support, and effective use of resources. But what I really like about Jack Markell is his attention to what is primarily at stake here—the lives and future of our children. His plans to improve after-school programs and to lower student-teacher ratios in our elementary schools address two specific Delaware needs. Our business is to focus on our students as customers, and Jack Markell is just the man to help us do that. Not only does Jack support our students but our teachers as well, through increased funding for high-quality teachers and education loan forgiveness to teachers in specialized subject areas. As Delaware educators we are only as good as the people that stand behind us, and Jack Markell is there to ensure our future success.

Ann Couzens

Lewes Resident

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