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Posted on 06/01/2009 09:45 AM EST
To the Editor,

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Eric Bodenweiser
It seems our two local “conservative” Representatives, Joe booth and John Atkins are convinced that building a new horse track and casino in the heart of Sussex County is the way to go. A refresher course on true conservatism from Representatives Carey, Hocker and Wilson may be required. Word has it that Rep. Booth will be the primary sponsor of legislation that would allow the Del Pointe Racino to be built. This writer has spoken at length to Reps. Booth and Atkins on the subject without much success. Having been adamantly opposed to sports betting, Joe always returns to the mantra “it wouldn’t be fair not to give them a casino seeing as they already have permission for a horse track”. On his continued slide into liberalism, John always comes back with “I’m just not convinced gambling is as detrimental to society as people think it is”. The purpose of this letter, if published, is to ask the concerned citizens of the 37th and 41st districts and any other Delawareans to contact their representatives to voice their opinions. Knowing both of these men fairly well, I’m sure their minds will be swayed if enough voters were to take the time to contact them.

Although I have now resided in Georgetown for the last 15 years, I grew up in Millsboro. My parents, Bodie and Dolores brought me there when I was six, we moved when I was seventeen. Our house on 113 was wedged in between the Bullock’s and the Baker’s. I went to church with families named Cordrey, Collins, Pusey, Batchelor, White, Hastings, Murray and Atkins, I went to school with children named Wharton, Mitchell, Keenan, Hudson, Thoroughgood, Phillips, Truitt, Lynch, Hickman, Lingo, Workman, Rust and O’Neal. I palled around with buddies named Betts, Jones, Lisehora, Murray, Daisey, Anderson, Serman, Pettyjohn, and Stewart. I am appealing to these families and all the unnamed others to find the time to contact their representatives. Back then, Millsboro was known for its mill ponds where we swam and ice skated, Cupola Park and Big Thursday. All that still exists but what will Millsboro be known for 10 years from now? Generally speaking, when someone says they are off to Harrington and might swing over to Dover you know they are out for a day of gambling. Soon, if the Schell boys get their way, we can add Millsboro to the circuit. Is that what we want Millsboro to be known for? The argument goes that we must have the gambling to get the good, family oriented stuff. To this writer, that argument is tantamount to saying we’ve got to have the brothel to get the church built. When I posed this to Rep. Atkins he came right back with “but prostitution is illegal!” to which I said “so far”. I am blue in the face with these so called conservatives. Please give me a break and have at ‘em. Joe can be phoned at 228-6786, mailed at 200 Garden Street, Georgetown, DE 19947 and emailed at Joseph.Booth@state.de.us. John is 745-1587, 236 Morris Street, Millsboro, DE 19966 and John.Atkins@state.de.us. Someday we will all have to give an account for the things we did or even neglected to do while on this earth. In return, some of us will hear “I never knew you”, others will hear “come right on in” and still others will hear “well done my good and humble servant”. Which will be your fate?

Eric Bodenweiser


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