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Posted on 07/20/2009 09:29 AM EST
About the debate held on July 7th

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Eric Bodenweiser
To the Editor;
I am writing this letter in response to a letter written by Dixie Boucher regarding the Sussex County Community Organized Regiment (SCCOR). As a disclaimer, I am not writing this letter on behalf of SCCOR but on my own behalf. I was responsible for setting up the debate held on July 7th that wound up being between the Libertarian, Wendy Jones and the Republican, Rep. Joe Booth after the Democrat, Eddy Parker left the race for the 19th Senate seat for personal reasons.
I am sorry Ms. Boucher feels our group is close minded and therefore will be ineffective. I disagree completely. So far we have had tremendous speakers with valuable messages. Sen. Colin Bonini, Rep. John Atkins, Nicole Theis of the Delaware Family Policy Council and Shaun Fink (possibly a future house or senate candidate) have already spoken to SCCOR. Our July 30th meeting will feature Rich Collins of the Positive Growth Alliance and on 8/18 we will feature Willie Savage, II who was recently elected to Woodbridge School Board. On 8/2, from 2pm to 4pm, SCCOR will be on the Rehoboth Boardwalk to protest the stimulus package. Of the four candidates vying for the 19th Senate seat, two of them are SCCOR members. Wendy Jones never misses a general meeting and always has intelligent input while Matt Opaliski is on SCCOR’s Executive Committee and was instrumental in setting up our bylaws and Political Action Committee. We have been on the front page of many newspapers and our website, sccor.org, is topnotch, user friendly and very interactive. Like it or not, we are an effective group.
If we had only asked Ms. Boucher’s question I believe she would have left the American Legion Post 28 Pavilion with an altogether different feeling about our group. I feel sorry for anyone that left upset because their question was not asked. It seems Ms. Boucher was the only one so upset it was necessary for her to publicly belittle a fledgling group of true conservatives that agree on one thing; this state and nation are on the wrong path and unless we all stand up and start forcing our so called leaders to make the right changes we are headed for destruction. The time for debate is over. We conservatives were asleep at the wheel. The socialist liberals have taken over and are driving us over a cliff. I can assure everyone, SCCOR will not be turning into a grassroots version of “The View”.
What was the question written by Ms. Boucher? I can only assume it was the only other property rights question turned in. Curiously, Ms. Boucher did not feel it was important enough or just neglected to give it to us in her letter. That other question: If one person owns a home where he lives and which is his most valuable property and another person a piece of land with trees and grass on it, both own property: Do they both have equal property rights under the law in your judgment?
In order to answer that question a candidate would first have had to agree with the premise which if translated honestly into plain English would read: If one person owns a valued mobile home where he lives and another person owns a piece of land then they both own property. Obviously, the premise is false; one person owns a valued mobile home and the other person owns a piece of land. One is a piece of earth, the other a housing structure.
Another writer once referred to me as a spear carrier for Mr. Robby Tunnell, owner of Pot-Nets. In fact, we met once briefly about 10 years ago and I don’t think Mr. Tunnell could pick me out of a crowd if he had to. I would rather be referred to as a conservative free market enthusiast that can smell a liberal socialist from miles away.
Eric Bodenweiser

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