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Posted on 08/21/2008 5:46 PM EST
Cancer Right-To-Know Law

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Phil Mandel
Dear Editor:

I think it's ridiculous that John Carney is patting himself on the back for his "work" in passing the Cancer Right-To-Know Law.

This legislation was completely unnecessary. This is just another example of the lack of tactics from the Minner-Carney administration that Delaware citizens are tired of. All the governor had to do was order the data to be released, but it appears she sat on it to give Carney an issue to run on. And who exactly did Carney "fight" to get the legislation passed? The bill passed with no opposition!

In the Sept. 9 Democratic primary, Delawareans need to make the right decision and vote for a true leader who will represent their best interests as Governor and take Delaware in a new direction toward a brighter future, and that person clearly is Jack Markell.

Phil Mandel

Milton, DE

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