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Posted on 07/20/2009 10:29 AM EST
Letter sent to the AG

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Shelby Stevens
This is the letter I just sent to the AG. I also forwarded to my Uncle Hal who can pass it along too. I gotta say the words "plea bargain" are getting on my nerves. :) It doesn't discourage me one bit. Makes me want to fight that much harder actually. :) If you wouldn't mind forwarding it along it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you again. -Shelby

Dear Attorney General,
My name is Shelby Stevens and I am a niece of Henry "Hank" Huff who was killed earlier this year. James K Harrington was the driver, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, of the speeding vehicle that crashed into my Uncle and Cousin. I have been busy writing letters to local news, papers, radio and friends pleading for everyone to come to the trial. My Uncle, Hal Godwin, told me to write you in hopes that you will realize how serious it is to our family that James Harrington is taken off the roads.
Hank is a hero and would have fought for us and anyone else. From his own son (whose life he saved that day), to a complete stranger, without a second thought. James Harrington was not a man speeding on his way to work, he was speeding in excess of 100 mph under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It has been 6 months since the crash and the days have barely gotten easier. It is so hard to see my family hurt like this. I cannot believe my Uncle Hank, who has lived next door to me my entire life, is just not there. And the truth is, he should be. Why are we allowing people with previous deadly offenses to share the roads with us? They are selfish and senseless as to who they may hurt or kill. And it doesn't end with who they hurt or kill. It breaks the hearts of the whole family. With Hank, we his family are completely shattered. Then there is all his friends, acquaintances and a whole town of people who can't believe it happened to him. It's so close to home and it could just as easily be any ones family. My faith is very important to me, but I have never felt more tested. Why would God allow this to happen to such an amazing man as Hank? But it's not the why, it's the how. Because people aren't held accountable for their bad choices. They get the freedom to take it too far and hurt other people. Regardless of whatever James Harrington did earlier that day, the thing he did was kill a man with deadly weapon. An impaired driver on the road is no different than shooting a gun into a crowded room of people. You may or may not kill someone. Well this time... he did. He hurt a man, his family and an entire town. A lot of people knew how great of a man Hank always was, but James Harrington will never realize what he did that day. I would never wish harm on anyone, but perhaps the more time he spends in prison, the more time he has to realize. It is also more time he isn't on our roads where he can hurt or kill someone else. If this is a more serious offense, others will think twice before they make the selfish choice to turn a vehicle into a deadly weapon. And people and their families won't have to feel the hurt that we feel every day, for the rest of our lives. For all the time Hank was supposed to be with us. Hank is truly our hero and is without a doubt with Jesus, where we will all join him. When it is the right time, sir. Please remember after the tragedy quieted down from the crash, the tragedy of losing Hank hasn't been swept under the rug for us. I promise I have, and will be following through with everything concerning this trial and similar cases. I have had a lot of input from people telling me what might happen with this case. Many of them say he may serve only a few years. May I remind you, not only did James Harrington steal a mans life... he stole a Husband, a Father, a Brother, an Uncle, a Cousin, a Friend, a Scout Leader, a Hero and most of all... my Mom-mom's youngest Son and man who cherished his family and God. Hank's last words were to tell his family that he loves us. Well sir, we love our Hank and he still hears us when we say it. However we are still here without him, and we don't believe a few years in prison will cure James Harrington of his addictions and clear him of his crimes. Please consider significant prison time. I know recently there has been a chance for DUI laws to change and penalties to become more severe. I hope Vehicular Homicide while under the influence has not been forgotten in those increases. I will continue to email others concerning this case. My Uncle went through a lot of trouble to help anyone he came across. I will honor his memory by emulating some of the amazing things he did, starting with this. Thank you very much. I will pray for your understanding. Thank you.

Shelby Stevens

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