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Posted on 08/10/2009 10:25 AM EST
Rep. Nick Manolakos should look before he leaps

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Julia Miller
In his article last week, he criticized the budget process, saying the state didn’t cut enough and raised too many taxes. Simply put, the state cut more than it raised in revenue. The budget shrunk by 8.1 percent. During the 24 years the Republicans were in charge of the House, the budget more than quadrupled.
Republicans are talking a good game now that the budget has passed. We have a balanced budget that uses cuts, federal stimulus and tax increases to wipe out an $800 million deficit. The largest part of that solution is the cuts, more than 8 percent of last year’s budget. This state was dealt a lousy hand: a huge deficit and an incomplete budget proposal from an outgoing governor. Instead of working together, Republicans sat on the sidelines and criticized, then complained that they weren’t included.
Rep. Manolakos didn’t say a word all session about the budget and didn’t do a single thing to help. The 20th District was pretty clear in a survey he did that they would support the alcohol tax. The results, with 74 percent saying increase the alcohol tax, was printed in the Community News, but he wouldn’t even vote for two cents on a can of beer to avoid last-minute cuts. There were plenty of tough votes, but few were that easy.
It’s easy to armchair quarterback afterward, but he was actually in the game and could have participated.
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