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Posted on 09/12/2009 7:07 PM EST
Job and health insurance

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Ann Nolan
Aside from keeping costs down and providing insurance to those who don't have it, do you realize the creativity that would be unleashed by the "Public Option". Workers would not have to stay at jobs they didn't like, or ones that they felt did not use their talents. Parents would not have to say to their children as they leave the nest "Get a job with health insurance". Parents would not have to stay in jobs where the environment is non rewarding and sometimes even hostile because they needed the health insurance offered for their dependents. American citizens could work where they wanted to and be covered by government health insurance. The "Public Option" isn't Socialism or Communism. It is freedom.
I have been covered by government insurance for a very long time. I have just added Medicare ( also government health insurance) to my plan. Both are wonderful. My costs are extremely low, I can go to any hospital or doctor I want without asking anyone's permission, my care is excellent. I think everyone should have what I have. Anyone who doesn't want it is either very poorly informed, or very foolish.
By the way, all those politicians condemning this "Public Option" are themselves covered by a "Public Option" and I doubt you could get any of them to cancel out. Find out why they are enjoying something that they don't want you to have.

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