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Posted on 09/21/2009 10:55 AM EST
To the editor,

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Progressive Democrats of Sussex County
This summer the news on health care reform was dominated by those with the loudest voices. The chaos spawned by lobbyists for insurance company succeeded in creating fear of reform, especially among Seniors. The lies and distortions of the moneyed interest groups grabbed the headlines.

While the fear mongers were working to confuse and scare people, many of us were letting our leaders know that we were not going to accept the status quo. We, as members of various groups and organizations in Delaware, developed a Resolution addressed to Senator Carper, Senator Kaufman and
Congressman Castle. We pointed out the urgency of the need for reform and the compelling evidence of our current broken system.

As members of Democratic Party of Sussex County, the 14th RD Democratic Committee, the 38th RD Democratic Committee,
The Progressive Democrats of Sussex County, The Shore Democrats, The Eastern Sussex Democratic Club, and the Progressive Democrats for Delaware, we are proud of our advocacy for a strong health care bill that includes a public option.

We applaud the majority of the attendees at the Democratic Jamboree on August 29, 2009 who approved the resolution. Most of the signatories are senior citizens. They understand that the fear being spread among seniors is unfounded. They understand that a public option is a choice - not a mandate. They also understand that Medicare is a well run government health care program.

We were pleased when the recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine reported that 73% of doctors in this country favor a Public Option in any Health Reform Bill. Unfortunately, the networks and newspapers chose not to carry that item, but rather focused on the hateful signs of angry protestors in Washington.

We are going to continue to work for universal health care. We want 2009 to be the last year that 45, 000 people in this country died because they lacked health insurance, and 700,000 went bankrupt because of medical bills.

We are ashamed that we are the only developed nation that does not hold that access to affordable health care for all its citizens is a moral obligation - a right not a privilege.

We will continue to remind our elected leaders that those who need spokespersons the most - the uninsured and the sick - have no lobbyists to speak on their behalf. We will not shout, but we will be heard.

We hope other groups join us in our efforts. Please email prog2009@aol.com for a copy of the Resolution.


Joanne Cabry, Chair Progressive Democrats for Delaware

Lee Dogoloff, President Shore Democrats

Bob Fredericks, Vice President Eastern Sussex Democratic Club

Pete Keenan, Chair 38th RD Democratic Committee

Jerry Northington, Progressive Democrats for Delaware

Kay Ryan, Vice Chair of the Sussex County Democratic Party

Peter Schott, Chair 14th RD Democratic Committee
Resolution: Health Care Reform 2009

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