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Posted on 09/02/2008 6:31 PM EST

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Richard Legatski
To the Editor:

I am outraged that the Democratic State Committee of Delaware has used funds contributed by party members to pay for an expensive education-related mailing in support of John Carney's campaign. I would be just as angry if those ads supported Jack Markell. John should pay this money back so it can be used to help elected Barack Obama and Joe Biden to the White House, Democrats to the Delaware legislature and to keep the Democratic majority on the Sussex County Council.

The state party should support the candidate chosen by the party's members on September 9, instead of trying to dictate the outcome of the primary. Shame on the party officials responsible for this improper and inexcusable action, and shame on John Carney for not paying the money back.

I urge my fellow Democrats to stand up for their right to choose the party's candidate for Governor by rejecting this attempt to control the primary and voting for Jack Markell! Jack is the only candidate for governor who will deliver the change Delaware needs and take our state in a new direction toward a brighter future.

Richard Legatski


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