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Kelly Torres (15) from Mexican and Guatemalan descendants. She is bilingual (English and Spanish).

Her favorite food are tacos.


She loves R&B and Banda.


Favorite color: Blue

Plans: go to school to become a doctor


Photos by Denize Leal



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Andrea López enjoys listening to music and she likes to spend time with her family.


She has a favorite quote:

“If God is all you have, you have all you need” (John 14:81)

Photos by Sharleen Crespo SC Photography

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Nombre: Osmairalis Rosario Mejia
Nacionalidad: Dominico-Boricua.
Idiomas: Español e inglés
Bailes favoritos: Bachata, regueton y dembow
Libro Favorito: The Child called it.
Deporte: Soccer, track Volleyball
Planes futuro: Ser asistente de terapia fisica

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Nombre: Jesmariely Pérez

Le gusta pasar tiempo con mi familia e irse de road trip

Su meta primordial es graduarme con honores de la universidad y convertirse en un Occupational Therapy Assistant

“Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece”. …

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Liz Martinez, born in the US – Puerto Rican, 18 years old, English and Spanish, communications major, alternative music.


I love mostly John Green books, youtuber with a following of 12,000+ people.


Plans/goals are to attend college while also pursuing …

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Destiny Galarza models with Prestige Empire.

Her hobbies are modeling, reading books, spending quality time with friends and family.

Destiny life long goals is to make every moment count by seeing the light in everything. To one day be able …

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Nataliya Karmazina.

Nacida en Sverdlovsk (Rusia).

Habla 5 idiomas: Ucraniano, bielorruso, ruso, español e inglés.

Ha estudiado en la universidad 4 años de carrera de maestra.

Graduada en la escuela musical (forte piano).

Hace contabilidad.

Sus hobbies: viajar, playa, senderismo, …

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Name- Katmara Romero
Country- San Juan, Puerto Rico
Languages- Spanish English
Studies- Business
Food- Mofongo con carne frita
Books- Falling into You, Firefly and When I Found You
Color- Blue and purple Hobbies- Boxing horse back riding and …

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Sofía Martínez López (18). Milford HS.
Graduating the year of 2016 she loves hanging out with her friends and family, going out and have fun.

She loves having adventures as well! She would like to become a Optometrist.

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Carina Aguilar, Mexico (22)
Studying: Business
Music: Italian, pop, banda & hip hop
Books: “50 shades of grey”, “The hunger games” and “Twilight” saga
Colors: pink and orange
Hobbies: Horse back riding, Reading, arts and crafts, dancing.
Sports: Soccer.
Plans: …

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Chica de HOY: Amanda Glynn.

I’ll love to become an elementary teacher. Being Miss Hispanic Delaware 2011 and professional dancer at Philadelphia Soul have been amazing experences.

Now studying hard at Wilmington University.

I’m most happy when I’m dancing.

Chico …

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