Chica de HOY ...

She likes a little of everything when it comes to listening to music. Loves to see funny videos and chat with her friends. Enjoys the world of make up.

Escrito el 03 Oct 2017

Chica de HOY Agosto: ...

Aims at being top 10 in her class with straight A’s. Looking at having the right scholarships to continue her studies at the university. Enjoys playing lacrosse, field hockey, soccer and swimming.



Escrito el 03 Aug 2017

Chica de HOY Julio: ...

Zitlhaly López- Camacho.

Quiero terminar la escuela, ir a la Universidad y hacer cosmetología y aeromoza.

Me gusta bailar, nadar y modelar y pasar mi tiempo con mis amigos, mi familia y conocer nuevas personas.

En la escuela me gusta …

Escrito el 20 Jul 2017

Chica de HOY mayo: ...

Melissa Rosales (14).

(Fotos HOY en Delaware – MXVM Video Fotografía)

Miss XV Magazine Cover Girl 2017, Reina de Reinas 2016.

Le encanta pasar tiempo con su familia. Es una orgullosa descendiente de mexicanos con una privilegiada voz.

Muy buena …

Escrito el 17 May 2017

Chica de HOY de ...

Iris Monserrat Romero – (Fotos HOY en Delaware – MXVM Video Fotografía)


Her goal is to get straights.

As, so she can go to college. She was born in Salisbry, MD and her parents are from México.

One of …

Escrito el 20 Apr 2017

Chica de HOY marzo: ...

Mystery enjoys volunteering at school events. She participates in the Drama Club, plays band-clarinet, paints and writes stories. Mystery Villa has been admitted to the Bilingual National Honor Society (89th).




Escrito el 28 Mar 2017

Chica de HOY ...

“Right now I’m balancing my education, sports, and clubs that I’m join in. Which is very difficult but possible to do.

Everyday I try to have my own time to embrace my creative side by being the photographer/ director and …

Escrito el 15 Feb 2017

Chica de HOY de ...

Born in Delaware with parents from Puerto Rico.
Hobbies: Athlete -playing sports (field hockey, soccer, cross country, basketball) and working out

Food: Loves to eat everything -doesn’t have much of a diet as she trains 5-6 days a week

Plans: …

Escrito el 18 Jan 2017

Chica de HOY ...

Nacida en Milford, DE de familia mexicana y texana.

Le gusta jugar volleyball y fútbol.

Participa en los J.R.O.T.C. de su escuela.

Su reto es llegar a ser abogada

(Fotos: HOY en Delaware & MXVM).



Escrito el 05 Jan 2017

Chica de HOY ...

Destiny K. Romano

Enjoy gymnastics, speak English and Spanish, and my favorite colors are blue and purple. Would love to have a family and a good job.









Escrito el 23 Nov 2016

Chica de HOY Agosto: ...

Kelly Torres (15) from Mexican and Guatemalan descendants. She is bilingual (English and Spanish).

Her favorite food are tacos.


She loves R&B and Banda.


Favorite color: Blue

Plans: go to school to become a doctor


Photos by Denize Leal



Escrito el 14 Aug 2016

Chica de ...

Andrea López enjoys listening to music and she likes to spend time with her family.


She has a favorite quote:

“If God is all you have, you have all you need” (John 14:81)

Photos by Sharleen Crespo SC Photography

Escrito el 23 Feb 2016
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