Centennial plate promotion gives customers access to five-digit plates with centennial plate purchase five-digit plates will be issued to 500 customers


Dover – Have you always wanted to be in the special low-digit license plate club? Are you tired of seeing other people driving around with something better than your boring six or seven character license plate? Have you always wanted to have your own piece of Delaware driving distinction? Well, it’s your lucky day!

The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has begun a special program to allow Delaware drivers to have exclusive access to a five-digit license plate. By purchasing a limited edition Centennial License Plate you will be guaranteed to receive a five-digit plate from a group of available plate numbers. The availability of these plates will be limited to the first 500 customers to order the Centennial Plate. Once 500 plates are sold the promotion is over. The available plate numbers range from #15516 to #67957. All four DMV facilities will distribute them in random order. Plate numbers cannot be reserved in advance. If you don’t want a 5-digit plate, you can still order a Centennial Plate that matches your current plate number.

Important details to know if you wish to purchase a five-digit Centennial Plate:

• In order to take advantage of the program, customers will be giving up the current license plate number registered to their vehicle.

• Customers must pay applicable transfer fees in addition to the purchase of the Centennial Plate.

• Customers having title to their vehicles should bring their driver’s license, vehicle title, vehicle mileage and insurance in order to complete the plate switch.

• Customers needing to obtain their title from their lien holder will need to go to the nearest DMV office and put a five-digit plate on hold. They must obtain a MV35 form from DMV and send it to their lien holder to obtain the title. The title will be mailed to DMV who will contact the customer when it arrives. At that time the five-digit plate can be put on the vehicle and a Centennial Plate will be ordered.

• No telephone requests will be taken. All transactions must be completed in person at any of the four DMV office locations.

The Black Onyx & Heritage Gold colored Centennial Plate – which was selected the “Best Plate of the Year for 2009” by the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA) – was introduced in the fall of 2008. Since then, thousands of Delaware motorists have purchased one for their vehicle. The unique plate design is a celebration of 100 years since the first state-issued license plate was produced in 1909. Delaware is the first state ever to produce a commemorative license plate of this kind.

Centennial Plates may be displayed on all registered Delaware vehicles except motorcycles, mopeds, and IRP apportioned vehicles. Centennial Plate numbering matches the plate number currently assigned to the registered vehicle. All numerical plates and those with prefixes PC, RV, FT, C, CL, T, and D, as well as all vanity plates are permitted. Available for purchase for $100 through December 31, 2009, a Centennial Plate order can be placed with a credit card online at @link
Customers may also visit any DMV office, or call (302) 744-2503.