CHC celebrates César Chávez Day


Washington D.C.: Chairman Charles A. Gonzalez (TX 20) and members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, released the following statements in celebration of Cesar Chavez Day on March 31, which marks the leader’s birthday.

Chairman Charles Gonzalez:
“America is a better country, for all its people, because of the vision and leadership of Cesar Chavez. His work for the United Farm Workers is not just inspirational for the Hispanic community, but rather, Chavez is a role model for everyone who is facing adversity and speaking truth to power. He was a champion for justice, the living wage and the dignity due to all workers. On his 85th birthday, we must continue to fight for progress in the same spirit as Cesar Chavez- with strength, integrity and an enduring commitment to equality.”

Rep. Ben Ray Luján (NM 03), Second Vice Chair:
“As we celebrate the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez, we are reminded of the courage and dedication he displayed in leading a movement that improved the lives of so many hard-working men and women. He fought to secure the basic rights and dignity that all workers deserve and in doing so challenged the forces of discrimination and poverty. Cesar Chavez often said he was helping ordinary people do extraordinary things. His commitment to the values of justice and equality remains a clear example of the extraordinary achievements we are capable of when we unite to work in common cause for the values we hold dear.”

Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA 34):
“My fondest personal memory of Cesar Chavez goes back to my days as a girl in Boyle Heights. He and Dolores Huerta were part of the Community Service Organization (CSO), and they worked in our community to get the first Latino in the 20th century elected to the Los Angeles City Council—my father, Edward R. Roybal. Cesar Chavez helped pave the way for Latino elected officials, like my father and myself, but more importantly he showed us the power of community to affect change.”

Rep. Joe Baca (CA 43):
“The struggles Cesar Chavez was engaged in and the victories he achieved for civil rights, labor rights, and human dignity have helped people across our nation. In these times of economic hardship and strife, it is essential that Cesar’s legacy continues to inspire others to work for the fair and just treatment of all people. I encourage everyone to support efforts to create a national day of recognition for this exceptional man, and will continue advancing my Cesar Chavez Day legislation here in Congress.”

Rep. Linda T. Sánchez (CA-39):
“I am proud to celebrate the life of a true pioneer and hero, Cesar Chavez. On a personal level, Cesar Chavez work left a lasting impact on my family. As children, my brothers and sisters begged our mother to buy us grapes. Like Americans across the country, my mother refused to buy grapes in support of a grape pickers strike led by Chavez’ United Farm Workers Union. The United Farm Workers won their fight and I learned a great lesson: when workers come together to stand up for what is right, they can do powerful things.”