Chica de HOY de Abril: Michaela Gomez

Name - Michaela Gomez
Country - United States
Age -18
Languages - English, Tagalog
Studies - High School
Food - Salads, sushi, filipino food, ice cream.
Music - I listen to everything (classic rock, country, hip hop, pop, alternative)
Books -Tuck Everlasting
Hobbies - Baking, shopping, hanging out with friends
Sports - Basketball and boxing
Goals - I would like to go to college, move to California and become a physicians assistant. 

Nombre - Michaela Gómez
País - United States
Edad - 18
Idiomas - Inglés, Tagalo
Estudios - High School
Comida favorita - Salads, sushi, filipino food, ice cream.
Música - Escucho de todo (rock clásico, country, hip hop, pop, alternativa)
Libros - Tuck Everlasting
Hobbies - Hornear, ir de compras y salir con mis amigos
Deporte favorito - Basketball and boxing
Objetivo - Me gustaría ir al college, mudarme a California y llegar a ser ayudante de un doctor.

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