Civil Rights Movement Projects at Sussex Academy


Seventh grade students at the Sussex Academy in Georgetown recently completed projects about the Civil Rights Movement in Mr. Parker’s social studies class.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, students decided on their specific topics, conducted research and interviewed people from the community. Six projects were selected to be displayed at the Georgetown Public Library.

The topics included how civil rights organizers gained support, how businesses were affected, what were the bus boycotts and how the Montgomery Bus Boycott impacted the movement, impact on professional sports and how the civil rights movement affected Delaware. Some of the members of the community that were interviewed included Dotty Beard of Seaford (a young adult during the movement), Steve Allen of Laurel (a business owner at the time), Janet and Edward Maas of Seaford (grew up during the Civil Rights Movement), Vaughn McCabe of Georgetown (a local athlete during that time), and Reverend Meekins of Bridgeville.