Come on everybody! Let’us dance! Dance Moves and Manners

What is Happening with Dance Classes?



“We can only be said to be alive in those moments

when our hearts are conscious of our treasures”

~Thornton Wilder~

I am thankful for many things in my life

One thing that makes me grateful is that I have learned to dance

That I can continue learning and that I can share what I know

I cannot explain all the ways that dance has changed me

~But it has~

I am thankful for all the people we meet in our Dance Classes

And at Social Events

I cannot explain how they become dear to us

~But they do~

I am grateful to have met new teachers

Who will be working with us this year

It will be a time to increase our skills & develop our confidence

~And add to our list of “friends”~

What is Happening with Dance Classes

1. Del/Tech-Georgetown Fall Semester will end in December

December 15th for Beginners & 17th for Intermediate/Advanced

2. Latin Classes Forming

Every Thursday Night in January & February

Salsa, Bachata, Merengue

If you have never danced Salsa-this is the time & place to start!

Want something a little slower and romantic?—sign up for Bachata

And…Everyone Can & Should learn Merengue

Every Thursday Night

At the Flex World Fitness Aerobic Room

We are so please to introduce our new instructors for Latin

Margo and Wayne Faircloth

They bring personality and great dance skills to the area

And will be hosting “Road Trips” for students

Students from all of their group classes will meet at some of Delaware best Latin Clubs

This is one of the best ways to get out and practice what you know but have the comfort of classmates and instructors along with you.

Call 302-222-3755 to REGISTER SOON


February 22nd&24th-Del Tech-Terry Campus in Dover

February 23rd & 25th –Del Tech Owens Campus in Georgetown

Spring Semester-Kick Off


Learn the EL PASO a great country line dance

and even a few great Modern Dance &JAZZ moves

Meet Ballroom Instructors: Steve & Yvonne Cimo

Latin Instructors: Margo & Wayne Faircloth

Country Instructor: Mark Wambold & Ralph Morgan

Jazz Instructor: Alexis McClean

4. Spring Semesters Start March 1st

Monday & Wednesday Nights—Delaware Tech Terry Campus in Dover

Tuesday & Thursday-Delaware Tech Owens Campus in Georgetown

With Latin, Ballroom, Country

And Jazz-Modern-Combo Style

Learn “Thriller” & “All the Single Ladies”

Watch for Full Schedules to Post Soon

“There are short-cuts to happiness,

& dancing is one of them.”

~Vicki Baum~