Community Leaders host Family Fun Day and Vaccination Event


Statistics show that the Hispanic Community has the lowest rate of COVID-19 vaccinations. The Hispanic population accounts for approximately 6.9% of Delaware’s vaccinated individuals. All are welcomed at this community event; however, a special emphasis is being placed on encouraging members of the Hispanic Community to gather at a family fun-filled event with on-site vaccination for adults and children 12 yrs. and older.

Nearly three weeks ago City Councilwoman Maria D. Cabrera received her first vaccination by Lt. Governor Bethany Hall Long and both discussed how more emphasis needs to be placed on encouraging members of the Latino Community to get vaccinated.  During the event Councilwoman Cabrera stated, “It is important that we lead by example. As trusted members of the community, if folks see leaders such as myself getting the vaccine, they may be encouraged to do the same, or at least come to me with questions if unsure.”

Understanding that now youth 12 and above can get the vaccination, The Roberto Clemente League jumped on board. Mike Beltran stated that he will be getting his first vaccine, also leading by example along with his children. The Latin American Community Center is collaborating and will provide children’s activities and entertainment.

HOY en Delaware Newspaper is helping to promote this event as the has been promoting vaccination events, COVID-19 testing, being involved highlighting pre and post vaccination events, presenting interviews and educating with facts via their multiple platforms throughout the state.

Most importantly, the Doctors and Nurses of West Side Health will be administering the vaccines. This offers an opportunity for the Spanish speaking members of the community to ask questions, and to speak in their native language. People can pre-register for the vaccine or just walk up the day of!

Registration link:

City Council is happy to be a co-sponsor of this event with President Congo encouraging all members to participate in helping out for a good cause and coming together as a team.  City Council will offer 50 meal ticket vouchers to the first 50 people vaccinated along with free water ice from Bernie’s.

City of Wilmington is providing all the event logistics to ensure a great event for all! Mayor Mike Purzycki encourages all city residents to join in for a family fun day. “It is time for us to recover from a year of uncertainty and, for many people, heartbreak caused by the pandemic. We have it in our control now to finally beat COVID-19, to re-open the economy, to get people back to work, and to start enjoying our family and friends again—simply by getting vaccinated. I know there are still concerns about the vaccines, but if you take a moment to talk to someone you trust, or someone who has already gotten the vaccine, I think you’ll realize the rewards from getting the vaccine far outweigh any concerns. Let’s do it for ourselves, our families, and for the community as a whole. My thanks to everyone who has come together to plan this fun, family-centered vaccination event.”

Lt. Governor Bethany Hall Long and her bilingual staff, including Community Affairs Director Edwin Hernandez Vargas will be on hand for the days event as they have been instrumental in planning this event along with other leaders and Councilwoman Cabrera. “We all want to enjoy the summer as safely as possible with our friends and loved ones. The best way we can do that is to continue to get more Delawareans vaccinated,” said Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long. “Working with community partners is critical to distributing the vaccine as far and wide and equitably as we can. I am grateful to Councilmember Maria Cabrera, Wilmington City Council and all the community partners for their dedication to creating stronger and healthier communities.”
There are many sponsors and organizations to thanks for their support of this event, in either providing funding, in kind services, volunteers, and promotion of the event.

“I am thrilled to partner with Councilmember Cabrera and Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long in their efforts to bring vaccinations to historically underserved communities throughout our state,” said Senate Minority Whip Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman, D-Wilmington. “Communities hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic deserve equal access to the life-saving vaccines that are returning our state, our neighborhoods and our families back to normal. Thank you to everyone for working so hard to protect the health of all Delawareans.”

“The Hispanic community has been underserved for generations and we are taking direct action to bring a vaccination event to the residents, to combat this dynamic,” said Rep. Sherry Dorsey Walker. “I am proud to support this effort to ensure that all residents have access to the vaccine to keep their family and friends safe and healthy.”


  • Wilmington City Council – President Ernest Congo & President Pro-Temp Councilwoman Maria D. Cabrera
  • Mayor Mike Purzycki & The City of Wilmington
  • Lt. Governor Bethany Hall Long
  • Roberto Clemente League
  • West Side Family Health
  • Latin American Community Center
  • West Side Grows
  • 302GunsDown
  • Bernie’s Water Ice