County Council must remember, we’re all in this together


Dear Editor:

More than anything, this year’s election for Sussex County Council District 3 is about one, simple truth: We are all in this together. We all face the same problems, whether, as they say, we are “come heres” or “from heres.”

Smart growth must be our top priority. Our vision for the future should not result in so much traffic that folks can’t get to work on time or at all.
Sussex County is the fastest growing county in Delaware because of its favorable climate for retirees.  So, our second priority should be quality of life for our senior citizens.

Just as important, we must have strong economic development for our young families.  We need to train our young people, small business owners and farmers to use technology so they can keep up in the new “app-driven” economy.

I am running for Sussex County Council because our existing government is tied to the past and is missing too many opportunities.

I am a fresh face with bold ideas and strong credentials.  I am professional forester, an environmental lawyer and a trained mediator. I understand the balance between caring for the Earth and making a living from it. I understand balancing business opportunities and unchecked growth.  Most importantly, I am not a politician.  I am a public servant.

We cannot afford to miss any more opportunities.  I promise to always remember: We are all in this together.  If we all work together, we can build a healthy future for all of Sussex County.  Please vote for me on November 8.


Leslie Ledogar

Democratic Candidate for Sussex County Council District 3