Deadline for school choice applications January 8, 2020


The Delaware School Choice Program is a program that allows parents to apply for their child to attend a school that is not their child’s school of residence (the “home school” for that student’s address). Parents living in Delaware may apply for their child to attend a Delaware public school in any school district, charter school, magnet school, or vocational-technical school. If the child is not currently registered in a Delaware public school, in order to apply for school choice the parents must first register the child in their school of residence/“home school” for the student’s address). APPLICATIONS FOR SCHOOL CHOICE FOR NEXT SCHOOL YEAR (2020-2021) MAY BE SUBMITTED ONLINE AND ARE DUE NO LATER THAN JANUARY 8, 2020.

The School Choice Program is available to both the parents of a child without a disability and the parents of a child with a disability. Please note that the school choice program is different than a placement decision made by the home school district’s IEP (individualized education program) team to address a child’s individualized needs.

A parent must use the standard application form to apply for school choice. You can find information and resources, including the standard application form, at the Delaware Department of Education’s (DOE’s) School Choice webpage at the following link: or on each school district’s choice website page that you can find at the following link: you can find information about the school choice program specific to each particular school district, charter school, and vocational-technical school, by using the links at The information and resources for each school district, charter school, or vocational-technical school include: (1) a description of its school choice program; (2) contact information for its school choice program; and (3) the school choice application form.

Picture: Courtesy of La Rosa HC