Delaware 1099Gs contain new account numbers and increased security


Delaware – January 30, 2009 – Delaware Division of Revenue Director Patrick Carter announced today that state 1099G forms are becoming more secure.

Beginning this year, Revenue is removing all but the last four digits of individual social security numbers (SSNs) from its 1099G forms, similar to the way credit card numbers are displayed on printed receipts. Taxpayers will also be provided a new, unique Division of Revenue “Account Number” for use on the 1099G and all future tax correspondence.

The Delaware 1099G is sent to state taxpayers who itemize deductions on their federal and state income return and who received a Delaware refund of more than $10 for tax year 2007. The new account number system is part of an overall effort by the Division of Revenue to increase taxpayer protection against identity theft. This push is the result of a nation-wide discussion by tax agencies to make taxpayer mailings more secure.

“It is important in Delaware that we take extra steps to safeguard the personal data of our taxpayers,” Carter said. “The Division of Revenue has made it our responsibility this year that we protect every individual’s social security number currently used for tax purposes. Although we have not experienced any problems with tax documents aiding identity theft in Delaware, we want to be proactive against this nation-wide threat.”

The new taxpayer Account Numbers ensure that should a tax notice be compromised, an individual’s social security number is still protected.

Each year the Delaware Division of Revenue sends out more than 175,000 1099G statements, which used to contain individual SSNs. The majority of these documents are sent in January in preparation for state and Federal personal income tax season.