Delaware Fashion Week: Testimonials



As a designer, I was proud to have my first collection, The DS Collection showcased in DFW, As a person, It was truly uplifting to see everyone have such love and respect for the cause and for the founder, Maria Beauchamp and her vision. I look forward to returning next year. DFW BIGGER AND BETTER! (Dell Scott)

aug15-DFW-Tamara Mañana Lewis

DFW! The beginning to a wonderful project. Delaware had very little recognition of art and beauty. Maria set out to make this dream a reality. Even tough all artist, photographers and models did not have celebrity status, the confidence that was instilled in all who participated can help them increase their self esteem and become a steeping block to achieve future goals. Lack of experience may have shown in things not running as smoothly as they could have ran. But, friends and family stepped in to keep the show up and running. Medical set backs placed the leader in a compromising positions at times but she persevered. I was very happy to be apart of this project and will continue to support it’s growth through the years. Thank you for allowing me to showcase my “amateur ” art (Tamara Mañana Lewis)


Maria Beauchamp truly practices what she preaches. She emphatically speaks of her desire for us all to leave footsteps for the next generation to walk in. I am grateful that she has not allowed her medical challenges to stop her from doing just that. By the grace of God, she has left her footprint on the fashion world through Delaware Fashion Week. She’s giving opportunity to burgeoning designers, like my teenage son, to realize their calling. (Ti Kendrick Hall).


“The Delaware Fashion week was absolutely incredible. Just to hear that the event is only on its second year is outstanding! It was organized, the staff and designers were friendly, and the outfits and designs were all captivating!” (“The Evans Family”)


Just about 3 years ago, I was beginning my journey in photography. I often posted my work on Facebook. One person frequently offered positive and encouraging comments about my work. We became Facebook friends. That friend never stopped encouraging me and reassuring me that my work was worthy of praise. That person was Maria Beauchamp. Since that simple beginning, Maria has honored me in the best way possible. I have had the honor of photographing all three models who the won the 2014 Delaware Top Model competition. And, the honor didn’t stop there. I also had the privilege of doing the runway shoot for 2015 Delaware Fashion Week. Maria is truly inspiring. She is a role model for all to look up to. I am so thankful that first connection and all that followed. (Jim O Brien).


Delaware fashion week was a amazing and great experience at the beginning I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to but just another show but once I showed up to prepare for my showcase to be presented on the runway I was showed nothing but team work and love everyone was so willing to help each other and we all work great as a team the show might not had filled 1000 seats but the true meaning of us being there was for MARIA someone I met that put her all into this event was to honor her with love and to keep her event on the go while she was out sick , this showcase really enlighten my heart as a designer and stylist to push forward and never let anyone tell u .you can do it but to stay humble,focused and push for the stars and I’m happy to say I Dahsar by Rashad will always be apart of making Delaware fashion week the NEXT BIG THING (Dahsar)