“Delaware is stronger than any of the challenges it faces”

Governor’s weekly message to Delawareans


Dover, DE – In his weekly message, Governor Jack Markell talks about the annual State of the State address, which he delivered on Thursday.

“Although it’s called the State of the State – after years of crisscrossing Delaware – I’ve learned that the true state of a state can’t be captured in one speech,” said Governor Markell.

The “State of the State” is reflected more accurately by the Delawareans who work together to help each other, he said.

“We can create new jobs and industries, but we do it best together,” Markell said. “We can educate our children to face the world’s challenges, but we do it best together. We can make our schools and communities safer, and help those in need, but we do it best together. And we can make state government more efficient and effective. But we can only do that if we do it together.”

The Governor delivered the address from the State Senate chamber this year, laying out more than twenty-five new proposals or updates on efforts underway to tackle five priority policy areas: getting people back to work and expanding economic opportunity; creating the strongest possible public schools; making government more cost-effective; creating safer schools and communities; and ensuring the most vulnerable Delawareans are not left behind.

“Our state is far stronger than any challenges we face, and our future much brighter than our past, because of them – because of you, and the work before us this year to keep Delaware moving forward,” Markell concluded.