Delaware Latino Summit Scheduled for Oct. 30

2018 Theme is Empowerment Through Action


DOVER, DE, September 26, 2018 – The fourth Annual Latino Summit hosted by Delaware Hispanic Commission is rapidly approaching.

The fourth annual Delaware Latino Summit will unite elected officials, state agency and community leaders, non-profit organization, and for-profit executives to talk about improving the quality of life for all Latinos in Delaware through political and non-political methods.

In addition to panel discussions focused on professional, political and education issues, the Summit will offer breakout sessions focusing on the empowerment of Hispanic women and youth as well as education and importance of voting.

Latino Businesses Fueling the Economy: Audience will get the opportunity to hear from the state office of entrepreneurship, county government, a local township manager, and FINANTA: a Latino loan fund, talking about the resources and opportunities that are available to fuel the growth of Latino businesses. Examples include incentives associated with Main Street Projects, state business funding strategies, private loan opportunities, DBE certification programs for growth businesses, local, county and state policies that promote and support small business development especially for minority-owned enterprises, etc.

Education Equality: As the number of English learners in the state continues to grow, we need to better understand this population of students so we- as schools, as parents, as advocates, as policymakers, as a community- can effectively and equitably meet their needs. The audience will have the opportunity to participate in an engaging Data Equity Walk where they will individually reflect on new data, research, and interview quotes collected about Delaware English learners before collectively discussing implications and identifying solutions to address disparities and improve outcomes.

Latina Empowerment:Come and join the conversation: Be Visible, Be Heard, Be a Leader and Advocate for a Better Future! This session will offer one-of-a-kind experience designed to inspire, empower and equip attendees with the tools they need to become a change agent in their own lives, their households and their communities. Motivational speakers and panel discussions lead by Latina thought leaders, trailblazers and professionals provide insight and offer relevant and impactful discussion on prominent topics affecting Latinas. Come and learn more about resources available to empower Latinas to achieve their dreams.

Youth Summit:Empowering Youth Through Action. There have been profound changes in the daily lives of youth and adolescents during the last century—demographic, social, economic, political, and technological—that have resulted in a youth population that is increasingly diverse in personal and family characteristics as well as life experiences. This workshop will highlight the experiences of several youth who will share their stories of empowerment through action and explore what youth can do to make a difference locally, in the state or nationally. Key take a way will be to identify an action youth can take in their school and or community.

Importance of Voting Rights for Latinos:Latinos are considered to be the “sleeping giant” when it comes to elections in this country. Will they register and vote in enough numbers to be a political force? What will motivate them to do so? How will they make a difference at the Local, State, and National level? This breakout session will explore these questions and provide some statistics.

The Summit will strive to further the Commission’s Hispanic Public Policy Agenda, which is a blueprint for advancing the Latino community in economic development, civil rights, health and social services, government accountability, immigration reform and education.

About Delaware Hispanic Commission
Delaware Hispanic Commission (DHC), whose members are appointed by the governor, was formed to identify and advocate the necessary resources for Delaware Hispanics, the fastest-growing population in the First State. DHC is committed to enriching the lives of the Hispanic community by: improving delivery of services; raising awareness of issues at state agencies; suggesting solutions to state leaders and agencies; and keeping the Hispanic community informed of state assistance available for all Delaware residents.