Delaware personal income taxes due May 2nd


Statewide, DE – Division of Revenue Director Patrick T. Carter reminded taxpayers that State of Delaware Personal Income Taxes are due May 2, 2011. Citizens who have not yet filed their Income Taxes are encouraged to use Delaware’s online Personal Income Tax (PIT) filing system, which is available at no cost at

On average, taxpayers requesting a refund who use the online filing system will receive their refund two weeks earlier than those filing a paper return. Currently, the average time to issue a refund for all tax filing methods combined is just over 10 days.

The online system allows taxpayers to file their taxes electronically and then schedule any payment due closer to the May 2nd deadline. The online system is also extremely user-friendly and available 24/7. Taxpayers may pay their State of Delaware taxes using a credit card or by debiting their bank account.

“Filing online is safe and convenient.” Carter said. “It decreases processing errors, speeds up refunds, and, because it’s electronic, taxpayers receive immediate confirmation that their return has been filed.”

Since its inception in 1999, Delaware’s online tax-filing system has experienced a steady 5% growth each year. Last year nearly 75% of Delaware taxpayers filed their returns via the internet. This year over 80% of taxpayers have filed online to date.

Taxpayers who need more time to file Delaware Personal Income Tax can file an Extension online as well. An Extension changes a taxpayer’s due date for filing a return from May 2, 2011 to October 17, 2011. Any payments due on the return, however, must still be paid by May 2, 2011. Taxpayers can file an Extension on the Division of Revenue website at

Because Delaware does not maintain reciprocity agreements with other states, it is important for anyone who is not a Delaware resident – but still works in Delaware – to understand that they must file a Delaware tax return. Likewise, Delaware Residents who work out of state are required to file returns with Delaware, in addition to the state where they worked.

Online filing for State of Delaware tax is available free-of-charge at