Delaware Rebates Unclaimed


8/6/2008: There are still thousands of Americans who have not claimed their government stimulus checks

One U.S. Congressman from Delaware says he wants to help 18,000 Delawareans get their tax rebates.

Representative Mike Castle is joining IRS specialists to help the public determine if they are one of the people who hasn’t claimed money that they’re are owed.

Castle says if you have at least 3,000.00 in qualifying income, a valid social security number and are not listed as a dependent, you may qualify.

“Let’s say you have a minimal amount of social security or veterans benefits for example, did not have to pay taxes on it, you may not have filed a tax return, so you would not have gotten your dollars, but you need to file a tax return, you would not have to pay taxes on it, but it triggers the fact that you would get this rebate.” That’s what Castle said about qualifying.

You must file a tax return to get your rebate. There will be an information session on August 29th at 12:30 PM.

Contact your local CHEER Community Center for more information.