Delaware Tech Helps Forge 1+1 Agreement with Turkey


Georgetown, October 14 — Delaware Technical & Community College has helped forge an agreement with Turkey to create a 1+1 program, a 2-year degree program that allows Turkish students to complete their first year at a community college in Turkey and their second year at a community college in the U.S. The Protocol of Cooperation was signed by the President of Community Colleges for International Development (CCID), Dr. John Halder, and the President of the Turkish Higher Education Council, Dr. Yusuf Ozcan, during the Council’s visit to the U.S. last week. Delaware Tech will be the lead U.S. community college in working with CCID to develop the program.

The agreement came about as a result of a roundtable hosted by the College on October 10th at the Stanton Campus . Five members of the Turkish Council, Delaware Tech President, Dr. Orlando J. George, Jr., leaders from other community colleges in the region, and the President of CCID participated in a discussion focused on curricula, accreditation, student study abroad and faculty exchanges. Following the roundtable, President George praised the leadership of Dr. Ozcan and the Council and expressed his excitement about Delaware Tech’s role: “We couldn’t be more excited to lead the way in establishing a 1+1 program because of the impact it will have on many levels. Turkish and American students will benefit from a much richer educational experience. Faculty members from both countries will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of each other’s educational systems. And there’s no doubt that these type of agreements play a vital role in strengthening our country’s international partnerships.”

Since 1990, Delaware Tech has been working with the Turkish Council of Higher Education and selected two-year colleges to improve curricula and delivery methods. In the past six years, college presidents, faculty and students from Delaware Tech and Turkey’s two-year technical schools have visited their counterparts and participated in faculty exchanges and study abroad programs. George added, “The 1+1 program will be possible thanks to the strong relationship that we’ve developed with our Turkish friends over nearly two decades.”

In the photo from left to right: Talip Kucukcan and Atilla Eris, Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK); Dr. Orlando J. George, Jr., President, Delaware Technical & Community College; Yusuf Ozcan, Turkish Higher Education Council; Mary Rittling, President, Davidson Community College; Durmus Gunay, Turkish Higher Education Council; John Halder, President, Community Colleges for International Development; Sabahattin Balci, Turkish Higher Education Council.