DelDOT crews continue to battle icy and snowy conditions


As the snow storm heads away from the First State, crews from the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) are working to clear the snow and ice from Delaware’s roads.

Statewide, the primary and secondary roads are snow and ice free, with a few isolated exceptions. Most minor roads have been plowed, but many remain snow and ice covered.

DelDOT crews have been driving or working in the shops since early yesterday. This evening, “response teams” will remain in all of the counties. These teams will continue to apply salt and respond to any trouble areas that might appear. Statewide, full crews will report tomorrow at 7 a.m.

To receive the most accurate and up to date information on conditions and incidents on this snow event, residents can visit DelDOT’s website, our Twitter account, or our Facebook account.


DelDOT Snow Facts

Equipment: Statewide, there are 446 pieces of equipment available for snow operations.

* Heavy-duty snow plows of various types and sizes attached to six and 10-wheeled dump trucks.
* Other equipment includes snow blowers, road graders and front-end loaders

Materials: DelDOT primarily uses salt, along with salt/brine and salt/sand mixtures.

* Approximately 65,000 tons of salt are stockpiled in more than 20 locations throughout the state.
* Due to constant replenishment, the stockpiles are currently full.

People: Up to 500 employees are available for snow removal operations:

• Equipment operators
· Mechanics
· Dispatchers
· Administrators and other office personnel

DelDOT maintains approximately 12,900 total lane miles, or 89 percent, of the roads in Delaware.