DelDOT crews working throughout Delaware restoring transportation system

Update on recovery process following Hurricane Sandy


Dover – Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) crews are feverously working on a 24-hour/7-day-a-week basis to restore full service to Delawareans due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. As the flooding dissipates, DelDOT crews are out clearing drains, removing fallen branches and trees from roadways, accessing possible erosion to roadways, and inspecting bridge conditions.

Throughout the state the cleanup and restoration of services continue. While several of the state’s roadways remain closed over 95% of them are operational. Route 1 on both the north and southbound sides of the Indian River Inlet Bridge remains closed due to sand covering the approach roadways. The Delaware National Guard is lending equipment and support as DelDOT workers continue accessing this situation as the arduous task of clearing the approaches continues. While our goal is to have the sand removed from the road by the end of the day, we still need to inspect the road surface and make sure it’s safe. Until the sand is removed, we won’t know for certain if there is damage to the road surface. For this reason, we cannot give a firm date for when Route 1 will reopen. Updates on the progress will be posted as they are made available.

In a statement issued today, Transportation Secretary Shailen Bhatt praised the DelDOT team, “I want to thank all the men and women of DelDOT who worked many long hours throughout the storm. I recognize that they set aside as much as possible their family and personal obligations to work tirelessly in protecting our citizens and the state’s crucial transportation infrastructure. Their professionalism and dedication are deeply appreciated.”

Service has been restored to all traffic signals in the state with the exception of SR 54 and Lincoln Drive (Cape Windsor community), and SR 1 and Fred Hudson Road. At both signals, the control cabinets were or remain underwater and will be replaced once the water recedes and a replacement can be installed.

DART First State is operating its normal weekday services today with the exception that the Route 25 is not serving Delaware City; and the Route 303 is not serving Frederica. Paratransit service will be available based upon local road conditions. Delays are possible due to road detours, road closures, and other safety concerns. Riders are advised to exercise care when boarding and disembarking in standing water. For information on SEPTA Regional Rail service in New Castle County, please refer to the website



-DE 1- (Collins Street to DE 26) -CLOSED
-Prime Hook- (Cods Rd to end) -Alternate access
-Tuckers Rd- (Fawn Rd to Saw Mill Rd) -CLOSED
-River Rd- (Rd 297 to DE 24) -CLOSED
-West Line Rd- (DE 54 to Hudson Rd) -CLOSED
-Cedar Creek Bridge- (at bridge crossing) -CLOSED
-Blueberry Farm Rd- (South of Woodpecker Rd) -CLOSED
-N Market St [Blades]-(DE 20 High St & Blades drawbridge) -CLOSED
-Rd 597-(between Rd 601 & 600)-CLOSED
-Lighthouse Rd-Rd 36 to end-CLOSED
-Townsend Rd-(Harmony Cemetery Rd to Harmons Hill Rd) -CLOSED
-East Elliotts Dam- (Johnson Rd & Beaver Dam Rd) -PASSABLE
-Old Landing Rd- (DE 1 & Marsh Rd) -PASSABLE
-Double Bridges Rd-(at bridge crossing) -PASSABLE
-Rd 364- (100-200 yards from 364B) -PASSABLE
-Fawn Rd- (Rd 565 & 611) -PASSABLE
-Woodpecker Rd /Butler Branch Rd-PASSABLE
-Bowman Rd-(Ellis Mill Rd to Matts Rd) -PASSABLE
-Line Rd /Matts Rd -PASSABLE
-Old Carriage Rd- (Woodpecker Rd) -PASSABLE
-Woodland Ferry Rd- (south of Woodpecker Rd)-PASSABLE

Tolls along both I-95 and State Route 1 have been reinstated.

Access has been restored to Prime Hook for residents and emergency services via Broadkill Road (RT 16) to North Bay Shore Drive. DelDOT was able to arrange access to Prime Hook over private property until Prime Hook Road can be reopened. The condition of Prime Hook Road is being assessed, and will be repaired and reopened as soon as possible.