DelDOT installing new countdown pedestrian crosswalk signals “Countdown for Safety” will educate public on both the new and standard crosswalk signals


Dover – This year’s Delaware Department of Transportation’s (DelDOT) Pedestrian Countdown Campaign received a federal grant of approximately $94,000, earmarked for public outreach and education on both the standard pedestrian crossing signals and the new countdown pedestrian signals now being installed throughout the state.

Mark Luszcz, DelDOT’s Assistant Chief Traffic Engineer explains, “With this year’s theme being ‘Countdown for Safety – Coming to a Corner Near You,’ countdown signals are being used to provide information to the pedestrian regarding the amount of time remaining to cross the street. Pedestrians will use this information to make better decisions about when to enter the crosswalk. All new and refitted pedestrian crosswalk signals throughout the state will include the new countdown system. However, while being replaced, public education is still required on the proper interpretation of the standard pedestrian crosswalk signal.”

Based upon the number of pedestrian/vehicles incidents within the state, the campaign outreach will focus mainly within New Castle County; however there will be outreach in both Kent and Sussex Counties as well. DelDOT will be partnering with both the Sussex and New Castle Counties Community Traffic Safety Program Coordinators (CTSP), University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, DelDOT Project Planners with the “Safe Routes to School Campaign,” and DelDOT’s Bicycle Safety Programs. Outreach includes public events with them, posters and fliers to state offices, schools, AARP, Adult Communities, and AAA.

The campaign includes radio, print, posters, fliers, and handouts. Informational handouts will be in English and Spanish, with others in both Russian and Polish to educate foreign students doing summer work at the resorts.

What do the crossing symbols mean?

WALK – The “Walk” symbol indicates that you may to start to cross the street.

FLASHING HAND – (traditional pedestrian signals) If you have entered the crosswalk, continue to cross the street. If you have not entered the crosswalk, remain there for the next signal cycle.

FLASHING HAND WITH COUNTDOWN SYMBOL – The flashing hand with a display that shows the number of seconds remaining to cross the intersection safely.

STEADY HAND – DON’T WALK – Do not start to cross the street. Wait for the next “Walk” signal.